Each Blend is organically and ethically selected and carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

Merchant’s Daughter Mission Statement

At Merchant’s Daughter, we use the finest ingredients to create blends to serve your unique health and skincare needs.

Many of us suffer from similar, if not identical imbalances. From a sore throat to dehydration, the problems we have are common. Each person experiencing those problems, however, is distinct as a fingerprint. This is a problem for developing a solution; A magical healing elixir for one, might merely be an appraised liquid to another. At Merchant’s Daughter, we wondered what we could do to accommodate not only a wide variety of these imbalances, but a diverse array of customers as well.

Devoted to finding the answer, we searched far and wide for natural ingredients to serve a variety of needs for differing individuals. From the Mediterranean basin to tropical Asia, we gathered the most treasured herbs and spices to create blends that yield profound results for an inclusive group of unique individuals.

The result is a perfect curation of worldly artisanal blends that you and your family can enjoy right at home.

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Because your body matters to us.